Brett Camilleri - Design Consultant

Brett Camilleri
Design Consultant

Brett Camilleri is an experienced service designer and researcher. A champion of co-design, Brett works with stakeholders to convert complex challenges into strategic service opportunities.

A customer advocate, Brett uses his understanding of contemporary service science and design methods to deeply examine problems from the perspectives of those affected. Brett demonstrates curiosity, empathy and openness to uncover human problems within complex services . Brett works with teams to diagnose the root cause, guides them through the non-linear design process to identify and develop service solutions that are highly relevant and beneficial to all involved.

Brett enjoys undertaking deep qualitative research to explore and respond to opportunities that are critical to the viability and sustainability of organisations. Brett is experienced in Ideation and Prototyping, ensuring that a range of solution options are identified, tested and refined in direct consultation with customers and other users.

Brett holds a Bachelor of Design (Hons) (Industrial Design) and a Master of Philosophy (Service Design) from QUT.